Employment Opportunities

We are currently recruiting the following positions due to the expansion of our business activities.

1. Transaction Support – Senior Vice President / Vice President

The candidate will be responsible for coordinating and taking charge of all aspects of real estate acquisition, from the preparation of underwriting models for new projects and due diligence work, to the preparation of presentation materials and the identification and closing of new projects.
In addition, s/he may also be responsible for the organization of a variety of data related to projects in operation, performance analysis, etc.
Experience (5-10 years or more) in acquisition operations at foreign financial institutions, domestic AM companies, etc. is required.
Experience in AM operations or portfolio management operations, etc., and business-level English proficiency are welcome.

2. Asset Management – Associate / Analyst

The candidate will be responsible for overall asset management of properties (mainly offices) owned by Blackstone Group funds (including data compilation and performance analysis), as well as preparation of various reports, presentation materials, and other related tasks.
In addition, s/he may be responsible for tasks related to the acquisition of new projects, etc.
Persons with experience in financial institutions, real estate, general contractors, etc. and recent graduates are welcome.